Price List



Clothing Alterations & Repairs

Trousers & Jeans

Shorten jeans £12

Shorten plain trouser £12

Taper jeans & trousers £17

Darn stitch to jeans from £10

Waist reduce £12

Hook & bar £7

Shirts, Blouses & Casual Tops

Shorten hemline £12

Shorten sleeves £14

Alter side seams £14

Dresses & Skirts

Shorten a plain dress or skirt £14

Shorten a school uniform kilt £15 A-line skirt £14

Shorten a vented skirt £17

Reduce side seams £18

Reduce a waistline £12

Adjust straps From £10

Take in underam £17

Wedding, Prom & Bridesmaid dresses - price dependant on time allowance

Jackets & Coats

Shorten a jacket or coat from £25

Shorten a plain sleeve £20

Shorten School Blazer Sleeve £15

Shorten a vented sleeve £25

Take in or let out side seams from £25

Elbow patches £12

Pocket repair from £12

Home Decor - Gifts - Repairs

Kam snap poppers £2 each

Specialist clothing repairs or items not listed, price available dependant on time allowance for repair


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